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One Of a Kind: Revisiting The Miami Dolphins' Undefeated 1972 Season

Throughout the history of the NFL, only one team has ever recorded an undefeated season – the 1972 Miami Dolphins. That year, the Dolphins won all 14 games in the regular season, then defeated all three of their opponents in the playoffs, including the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII.

The recipe for Miami’s success that season had plenty of ingredients, including these three:
League’s top offense
Miami’s offensive line was composed of solid to great players at every position. The team’s primary signal caller was Bob Griese. While he was not as heralded as other notable quarterbacks, Griese was still a stud. He was flanked by the offensive line by future Hall-of-Famers Jim Langer and Larry Little, Pro Bowler Norm Evans, and outstanding receiver Paul Warfield. Additionally, Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris were two of the best rushers that season.
When Griese got injured in Week 5, veteran quarterback Earl Morrall stepped up to the plate and helped maintain the Dolphin’s offensive…

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