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Why We Need More Memorabilia Collectors

Once the present comes upon us, it goes by in a split second, never to be returned to again. This is a most interesting conundrum of time. History is made each moment, and the only thing that remains aside from what we remember in our minds is the memorabilia that make for a most powerful symbol. Our culture needs more memorabilia collectors.
Memorabilia get lost in time. These are physical objects not meant to be put in the care of one who does not understand what sentiment truly means. Rather than put such a keepsake in the attic to collect dust, it must be placed in a secure location, in good caring hands.
Collectors have the heart to spend for what they place importance in. They preserve the condition of the memorabilia in the process.
These are passed on to different hands because the collector knows that his time will come. Memorabilia can be given to a loved one or another collector who begets the previous owner’s respect.
These memorabilia get preserved in the process …

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